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Upcoming Themes:

In addition to our usual categories – marriage, womanhood, motherhood, relationships, faith – we are inviting guest contributors to write on specific monthly themes.

October 2017

Submissions Due by September 10

Theme: In-Law Relationships

i.e Dealing with difficult in-laws, extending grace to in-laws, being a godly daughter-in-law, handling disagreements, etc.

November 2017

Submissions Due by October 10

Theme: In-Law Relationships

i.e forming brother-in-law and sister-in-law relationships, etc.

Holiday Theme: Thanksgiving

i.e. Cultivating a spirit of thanks, interacting with the in-laws, etc.

December 2017

Submissions Due by November 10

Holiday Theme: Christ-Centered Christmas

January 2018

Submissions Due by December 10

Theme: Emotional Healing

i.e. Overcoming past hurts, forgiveness, etc.

Theme: Spiritual Growth

i.e. Finding a Bible Study routine, cultivating a prayer time, overcoming spiritual roadblocks, etc.

February 2018

Submissions Due by January 10

Theme: Wedding Planning

i.e. Expectations, incorporating the in-laws, disagreements, etc.

Holiday Theme: Valentine’s Day

March 2018

Submissions Due by February 10

Theme: Wedding Planning

i.e. Prioritizing the marriage, incorporating Christ into the ceremony, extending grace on the little things, etc.

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