3 Ways A Young Christian Wife Should Work Her Business

3 Ways A Young Christian Wife Should Work Her Business // young-wives.comThe way Christian women work their business should be distinctly different from the way the world does. Even though our end result is the same – to have a profitable business – our BIGGEST GOAL is to honor God, walk in our purpose, and reveal God’s Glory in the earth through our business. Today, I’m going to show you 3 ways a Christian Woman Entrepreneur should work her business – to the Glory of God!

As a young wife, who may be just starting out in business, you’ll want to pay close attention. So grab your journal and pen and take notes as you keep reading…

There is one person on earth who will never, ever go hungry.
It’s a farmer.

3 Ways A Young Christian Wife Should Work Her Business // young-wives.com

Do you know why?
They work their land.

Farmers have this basic, fundamental understanding that if you plant a seed into the ground, a fruit or vegetable will sprout up. (Notwithstanding a drought or some natural disaster.) Farmers know and believe, if they work their land, they will produce a bountiful harvest.

They have proven this over and over again, since the beginning of time. Year after year, generation after generation of farmers have done become successful farmers this way.

It. Just. Works.

Imagine for a moment if a farmer just believed they would have an acre of land full of fruits and vegetables, yet they never tilled the ground, fertilized it, planted a seed, or watered it. We would think they were insane, right?!

The same holds true with Christian women entrepreneurs. It is our ethical responsibility to work our land and not chase fantasies.

Proverbs 12:11 says:

Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense.

Let’s talk about how we can apply this scripture to your business, so you’ll have the kind of success you desire! Here are 3 ways a Christian Woman Entrepreneur should work her business…aka her land.

#1. Running a business requires hard work.

Many young wives just starting out in business don’t realize this one fact.

Running a business is hard work!

Somewhere we picked up on this idea that successful business owners have it made. Especially in the day and age of the internet, it seems all too simple to have a business up and running with just a few clicks of your mouse. While this is true, just because you have a website and a Facebook page, these things alone don’t make your business successful.

Don’t get me wrong, successful business owners do have a flexibility and freedom to their lives that most regular employees do not have. Keep in mind tough, they work incredibly hard and smart for that freedom.

There’s an incredible amount of sweat equity that goes into running a successful business. As a young wife who is just stepping out and starting her business, please don’t chase this idea that that you don’t have to work hard (sometimes long) hours to have a successful business.

You will.

There’s no way around it.

It is unfair to all of those hard-working women business owners who have gone before you, It paints a “sugar daddy” picture of God. He’s not into that kind of thing. God will reward you, according to the work and sweat equity you put into building your business. Out of that hard work, also comes favor and grace from God. I like to think of favor and grace, as the icing on the cupcake. It just sweetens the whole thing!

Remember this, hard work ALWAYS pays off.

It pays off bigger and sweeter for Christian women entrepreneurs who choose to run their businesses, according to God’s principles.

#2. You can’t “name it, claim it” to success

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone “name it, claim it” that their business would be a success, I could retire a very wealthy millionaire right now!

This belief is so deeply rooted in poverty and lack that it’s heartbreaking.

It’s just flat out lazy, stinkin’ thinkin.’

You won’t get anywhere in business or life, by believing this lie. But you will go far, if you put in the work.

Naming and claiming business success is just about as profitable as expecting to make good grades on your college final, when all you did was show up to class and twiddle your thumbs, all semester long. It just doesn’t work that way.

You must be willing to put in the work.

If you believe that God is going to simply give you something because you’ve named and claimed it, then you are going to be very disappointed. This is a fantasy. Based upon this scripture, chasing fantasies show a lack of good, common sense.

Not only that, what an insult to the God we serve! Even He worked 6 days straight to create this beautiful world we live in and the first humans to walk the earth. He didn’t just imagine the earth and fantasize about it.

No! He got to work and created it!

Now, yes you should certainly speak life over your business. Words certainly have power, as they create our belief system and environment. Our environment is what nurtures our business. Speaking life through God’s Word, however, should not replace good old fashioned hard work.

Believing and operating like it does is believing a lie. It’s completely contrary to God’s Word.

Here’s the truth. If you work hard, it will pay off BIG TIME!

#3. You have to be realistic with your goals.

This is so crucial! Goal setting is a skill that needs to be developed for every young wife who’s just starting out in business. It’s very easy to have unrealistic goals, where you are aiming either too low or too high. Aiming too high can land you into the “chasing fantasy” category.

Your long-term business goals should be attainable, but not so easy that you aren’t challenged.

Here’s a good measuring rod for your goals:

– Does this goal stretch me?

– Does this goal make me wince?

– Do I have the right foundation for completing this goal?

That last question is very important. It will let you know if your goal is actually realistic. A realistic goal needs to be something for which you already have a foundation for and not something you are ill-equipped to build upon.

For example, let’s say you have a goal to make a million dollars in your first year of business. If you’ve never ran a business before, you have no mentorship, and you don’t have the skills to market your business – you may have an unrealistic goal.

It’s likely just a fantasy.

You need to have the right foundation in place to make that kind of money in business. I’m not saying that God can’t move in a certain way to cause such a goal to happen. He certainly can. God is sovereign. At the same time, you want to be realistic and honest with yourself and your skills.

A more realistic goal would be to make $50,000 your first year in business. This sets you up for success the right way because it’s attainable for anyone starting out in business.

When yu hear of women entrepreneurs who made 6-figures in 6-months, in most cases this was not their first business venture. They were either in business before or they were working their current business for a while. In other words, they had been working hard behind the scenes for a long time. Then and only then were they able to reach the kind of success you hear them testify about.

Set goals that are in-line with where you are now and where you want to go later on with your business. This avoids you chasing a fantasy. Fantasies usually land people in a place of frustration because what they believed did not come to pass.

Wrapping it up and pulling it all together!

I hope you can see how working your own land (your business) will lead you to a place of success. Remember, chasing fantasies (or unrealistic goals) is not God’s way of doing business. He rewards hard work. You’ll actually feel SO MUCH better about yourself and your success when you had to work diligently for it.

As a young wife, what does hard work look like to you, in business? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Chime in!

Angelica Duncan
Angelica Duncan

Angelica Duncan is a Cheerleader of Women for ladies who are Kingdom-focused and purpose-driven, by their calling in business and leadership. Through her invitingly-witty blog posts, TV show, and on-demand classes, she’s here to encourage, equip, and empower you to build a spirit-filled business you love and lead with Kingdom purpose. Meet Angelica + indulge yourself in the Alabaster Box of ShepreLeadership at silkoversteel.com

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