Strengthen Your Marriage By Praying With Your Spouse

Strengthen Your Marriage By Praying With Your Spouse // young-wives.comWe know we need to pray. Spending personal time seeking after the Lord is not a foreign concept to most of us, even if it is a struggle. Setting aside a bit of our life to align our heart and soul with our Heavenly Father is crucial to our spiritual health. If I neglect to seek God and to fill my mind with His truth, I and my family suffer.

I know this to be true. Even though it’s a struggle, I recognize and aim to make this my daily goal. But too often, I neglect growing spiritually with my husband.

At the end of the day, we fall into bed, forgetting to even pray together, forget about sharing what God is impressing on our hearts.

Friends, I am foolish. If my marriage is to survive, much less thrive, the Lord must take the center. Growing together as a married unit is not isolated from our spiritual growth. If two are to become one, we must become one with Him.

Praying Together Unites You in Purpose

Strengthen Your Marriage By Praying With Your Spouse //

When you are pouring your hearts before the Father, you are not fighting, your joining together. Praying together aligns your hearts with one another as you seek to align them with God.

When we are in a rough patch, hearing my husband pray for reconciliation and unity reminds me that, even if we aren’t seeing eye to eye, we are seeking the same goal. Praying for myself and my husband lets him hear my love and passion for him being expressed to God. When we pray together, we see that we are in this life together, not as individuals seeking our own paths but as a couple whom God has united, moving forward with His plan for us.

During the seasons where big decisions loom, praying together shows that we are moving forward in this decision together. Despite our personal opinions, we are seeking God and honoring Him together in the life we are creating.

Praying Together Put Your Marriage in the Context of Something Bigger

My marriage is not the end goal. At the end of my life, Jesus says that my marriage will be dissolved and both my husband and I, along with the rest of the Church, will be the bride of Christ. Praying with my husband reminds me of this.

When we pray together, we humble ourselves and remember the work of Christ on our behalf. No one can stand before God and claim their own righteousness. Our ability to pray is only by the merit of the Blood of Christ. When we are praying together, it takes down the pretense that I am better than my husband and reminds us both that we are sinners in need of a savior. Neither of us is where we need to be. Recognizing this through prayer helps us love each other better.

Praying Together Makes You More Holy

One of the most beautiful parts of marriages is the accountability we have in our spouse. They see the good, the bad, and the horrifically ugly in our lives. They love us despite this. And what’s more, a good spouse loves you too much to let you stay life that. Praying together invites them into your life as a means of accountability on your path to holiness.

The Bible tells us that where two or more are gathered, God is with us (Matthew 18:20). We have the remarkable privilege of experiencing the presence of God with our spouse when we join in prayer. We would be utter fools to not take advantage of this. When we pray with our spouse, we get to experience the presence of God in our life together. This allows us to grow in His ways as a couple and to have another believer who can intimately hold us accountable to what God is doing.

So ladies, let’s not neglect seeking out time on our knees before the Lord with our husbands. God works mightily in these moments. Never think that they are superfluous or unhelpful because they are a vital part of your marital and spiritual growth. Find time before you part in the morning. Carve out the last few minutes of the day before you turn the lights out and join your hearts in prayer. If you don’t know what to say, start by praying the words of the Lord’s Prayer together. Trust that God will bless this time and strengthen your marriage by His grace. Our Heavenly Father is good and this act of love and obedience will not go unnoticed.

Bailey Suzio
Bailey Suzio


Bailey's journey started out up as the oldest of 10 (yes, ten) children, and has led her to Hawaii with her husband and their two dogs. In addition to her love for the Lord and her family, her great passions are coffee and collecting an exorbitant amount of books. Bailey has spent the last few years teaching and working with a local church. She writes at about her life, faith, and infertility journey.

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