How to Start Praying the Word Over Your Man

How to Start Praying the Word Over Your Man // Young Wives ClubThe idea of praying the Word over my husband was one of those ideas that I asked myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It seems so obvious that I wondered why I hadn’t heard more about it in books on marriage. As a Christian with a relationship with Jesus, I don’t have a good excuse for you for not doing this sooner.

There are many reasons something so obvious could have slipped all our minds. One that comes to mind, is that we aren’t placing God’s Word before us often enough. Maybe it’s because we aren’t recognizing the power of scripture over our lives. Or perhaps reading God’s Word has become so streamlined that we check it off our little “Christian” list and move on. But, as I’m sure you agree, this should stop.

Paul wrote to Timothy, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Tim. 3:16-17) There’s a lot that this verse is saying, but I don’t want to make this a theological discussion. Let’s focus on the latter part of the verses, “that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” He’s referring to learning from God’s Word. If learning Scripture and everything that comes with learning (such as being wrong and growing) makes us complete and equipped… What amazing power God has given to us!

It is also written in Proverbs that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Prov. 18:21) So if our spoken words have power, and we know God’s word has power, isn’t this reason enough to start praying the Word, the God-breathed, life-filled Word, over our man? Because, as wives we have been given authority in the tone of our home and our marriage. We have a lot of influence with our husband, influence I think we sometimes forget we have. A kind word or a harsh attitude can change our husband’s mood instantly.

How do you start then? What do you do first?

Start with yourself. Yup. That’s right, YOU. In my experience, the best of yourself comes from when you’re soaking up the Lord and His Word. I don’t understand it, but it’s true. I’m happier, quicker to forgive, quicker to love, all when I’ve spent time at His feet. Let me put it this way: you can’t pour anything out of an empty kettle. The same thing applies to you. You can’t pour yourself into your marriage until you first become filled. Who fills you up? Jesus.

Pray, then get your Bible and read. I’ve said this in other posts, but making this a habit will seriously change you for the better. Ask God to show you what you and your guy need. Find a passage you like or are familiar with and flip through the pages. Then pick a passage you aren’t as familiar with. See what jumps out at you. Let God use His Holy Spirit to direct your reading. It will take practice to hear, so don’t become discouraged if you feel like you’re getting silence.

When God points out a Scripture to you, write it down. I can’t emphasize this enough. Perhaps purchase a journal for this sole purpose, but write it down somewhere. After I have about two or three, I close my Bible, tug my journal closer, and start to pray. This act of praying the Word makes me feel closer to God and in a funny way, my husband too. I’m interceding on his behalf. Praying for his strength and his heart. Staying connected with my husband also helps me better lift up prayers for him. Because I know what he’s dealing with, what’s discouraging him, or what’s troubling him. This knowledge helps me track down scripture that relates to his direct need. 

So today, if you have time, I want you to follow the steps above. Give it a try. Some days you may find that you don’t know what to pray and nothing jumps out at you. If that’s the case, then I encourage you to pray for your man anyway. Come up with your own prayer. The purpose of doing this is to uplift your husband, even when he can’t himself. It’s our duty as his helpmeet to support him. This is simply a way to start.

A fun idea if you’d like is to every now and then take the scripture you prayed over him, write it on a separate piece of paper, like an index card, and put it somewhere you know your man will find it. I stuck it in one of his drawers in our dresser. He was so touched when he found it. So whether your man is in need of encouragement or just a smile, I’d really encourage you to do this!

How will YOU start praying the Word over your man today?

How to Start Praying the Word Over Your Man // Young Wives Club
Rosie Lapp

Vice President of Operations

Rosie Lapp is a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to two energetic little boys. Seeking authenticity in every day, she strives to live without regrets and be bold; loving God and her family fearlessly. She endeavors to cultivate her love for Christ in all she does, whether she’s tending to household chores, the little ones, or writing away on a blog post or her latest project. It’s her passion to uplift and encourage young wives through her work at the Young Wives Club. There’s nothing she enjoys more than ministering to her family and others.

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