Are You A Lifer? //

Are You A Lifer?

When I was engaged, and preparing for marriage, my Pastor asked me “Are you a…

When Prepared Goes Too Far //

When Prepared Goes Too Far

There is a really big difference between my husband and I when it comes to preparation. He’s the type who most often prefers to wing it. I still remember the day that we went…

Fervent & Prayer //

Fervent In Action Part 2

I’ve been praying more strategically, much more specifically since I started writing down my prayers. (Read part one of this series by clicking here.) I’ve been claiming God’s promises for people who have…

Confessions of a Cheating Wife //

Confessions of a Cheating Wife

I have a confession to make and I’m not really looking forward to letting it out. So, here it goes… I’ve been cheating and so far, I’ve gotten away with it. Before…

My House Will Never Be Spotless //

My House Will Never Be Spotless

When I married my husband, I had this idea that my home would be magazine-worthy. The perfect throw pillow here, the most unnaturally-messy throw there. Spotless bathrooms and daily-swept floors. I was going to…

Fervent & Prayer //

Fervent Book Review Part 1

Sometime after we watched the movie War Room, (which I also highly recommend), someone mentioned to me that there was a book that explained in greater detail about prayer (to God in…

Treasure //


If someone would have asked me, “why are you getting married?” I would have, I believe, said something like “I love him,” “I don’t want to be with anyone else,” and/or, “because…

Grief - A Sign of Hope // Miscarriage & Loss //

Grief – A Sign of Hope

My husband and I had always planned on adopting our children, as due to health reasons, any pregnancy would be gravely dangerous to not only my health, but more importantly, the health…

No Two Snowflakes Look Alike // Young Wives Club

No Two Snowflakes Look Alike: Your Christmas Doesn’t Have to Either

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We see…

From Mundane to My Joy // Young Wives Club

From Mundane to My Joy

Mundane: lacking interest or excitement, ordinary, day-to-day A word I…

Thankfulness //


11 Now on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus traveled along the border…

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