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Anniversary Giveaway! // young-wives.comThe idea for this website came a year and a half ago, but it wasn’t until October 2016 that we finally got it off the group. This past year has brought so many unexpected opportunities and changes. Our small team of two has grown to fifteen. We’ve seen the addition of new family members, moved across the country, and managed to reach wives all over the world. We’ve partnered with dozens of bloggers to bring you relevant advice and recently launched a biweekly Facebook show! We are honored at where God has taken us in 365 short days and look forward to the future with excitement.

We are so excited about our one-year anniversary giveaway! We’ve gathered a variety of awesome prizes we know you’ll love. Enter here and read more about what you can win below*!

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Off The Market T-Shirt // young-wives.comWe are so excited about our brand new, exclusive tees! If you win, we’ll ship you one in your size and you’ll be one of the first to have it!


Anniversary Giveaway! //

Lies Moms Believe: And How the Gospel Refutes Them
Releasing November 10, 2017
In this book, Rebekah seeks to show you once and for all that the Gospel is not simply Good News for your eternity. It is Good News for the here and now as well, and is relevant and applicable to each and every lie and struggle you face in motherhood. With warmth, transparency, and an unwavering passion for truth, Rebekah addresses 32 of the most common lies moms believe today about the importance of motherhood, children, the role of a mom, and more.

Tackling such lies as: “I am to find my identity and ultimate fulfillment in motherhood”, “Mothering is unimportant work”, and “I have to be a perfect mom”, she shows how God’s Word applies to all the lies out there, whether practical or spiritual. You will come away inspired, encouraged, and motivated as never before to live out your days as a mother with passion, joy, purpose, and freedom. As Jesus told us in John 8:32, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


Anniversary Giveaway! // young-wives.comHope for the Hurting Wife: 30 Days of Practical Encouragement for Your Marriage
Hope for the Hurting Wife is a thirty-day devotional journey that meets hurting and heartbroken wives right in the midst of a difficult marriage and gently encourages them to find hope that truly lasts. Rebekah and Jen know many wives truly wish to avoid divorce, but the pain and suffering experienced when marriage doesn’t go as planned is very real. Through personal stories of heartache and scriptural insight, they address topics such as:
• Moving forward after trauma
• Loving even when you feel unloved
• Protecting your heart
• Understanding the power of choice
• Trusting God while waiting for redemption
Hope. Courage. Confidence.
It’s never too late to experience these realities, even in a troubled marriage!

Anniversary Giveaway! // young-wives.comWomen of Wisdom Devotional
Walk through the book of Proverbs as we uncover characteristics which make up a woman of wisdom. This reading plan and devotional study guide go through 20 days of reading and study of Proverbs.


Anniversary Giveaway! // young-wives.comLove That Lasts: How We Discovered God’s Better Way for Love, Dating, Marriage, and Sex
Young people today enter adulthood with expectations of blissful dating followed by a romantic, fulfilling marriage only to discover they’ve been duped. They learned about love and sexuality from social media, their friends, Disney fairy tales, pornography, or even their own rocky past, and they have no idea what healthy, lifelong love is supposed to be like. The results are often disastrous, with this generation becoming one of the most relationally sick, sexually addicted, and divorce ridden in history.
Looking to God’s design while drawing lessons from their own successes and failures, the Bethkes explode the fictions and falsehoods of our current moment. One by one, they peel back the lies, such as the belief that every person has only one soul mate, that marriage will complete you, or that pornography and hook-ups are harmless.


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Hannah Bowers

Founder & President

Hannah is an author, speaker, musician, and creative-at-heart with a passion for helping women reach their full potential. A homeschool graduate, she loves cooking large meals, eating Ethnic food, picking wildflowers, and discovering an endless number of things on Pinterest. Fueled by her faith in Jesus Christ, she lives with a hands-on approach to evangelism and hopes to show others Jesus' love through her actions. Managing PCOS, IBS, and a mast cell disorder on a daily basis, Hannah is passionate about reproductive health, naturopathic medicine, and midwifery. Proudly married to her former boss, the Ohio natives currently reside outside Columbus with their son.

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