Life Lessons on Forgiveness

Life Lessons on Forgiveness //

So, someone has really hurt you and you can’t forgive them! How can you possibly forgive what they did to you? Yet you know God wants you to forgive. People have hurt me in life, too.  I’ve struggled a lot with unforgiveness.

When we don’t forgive, our prayers really don’t go above the ceiling in our room. 

We don’t have the fellowship with Jesus that we did have. The loss of fellowship between us and the Lord, and between us and whoever hurt us, is one powerful reason Satan tries to separate good friends with hurts.

Life Lessons on Forgiveness //

Unforgiveness changes the way we interact with our friend. 

We can hardly talk to them, let alone think good thoughts about them or pray for them.

So, back to the question. How can I forgive what they’ve done to me?

You must ask Jesus for His help.  You must cry out to Him. He is the only one who can change your heart. Begin to meditate on what Jesus did for you.  You did not deserve anything He did for you.  He forgave all your sins and he is asking you, “How much do you love me?”

Ask Jesus to cleanse your heart of all the bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness that you hold toward that person.  Ask Jesus to forgive them. They not only hurt you, but they also hurt Jesus. Then release them into the reconciling power of the Cross of Calvary, which brings total healing and deliverance to our bodies, souls and spirits.

Remember to personalize your prayers, putting the name of the person in each of them: “God give me grace to forgive Joanie.”  “Jesus, cleanse me from all bitterness.”  “Jesus, I forgive Joanie for _________.”

Eileen Rieman


Eileen Rieman lives with with her husband, Roger, and 20-year-old daughter, Joy, in Northwest Ohio. She has worked as a nurse’s aid and more recently as a direct care staff member for people with disabilities. Now she spends her time gardening, maintaining the butterfly garden at her rural home, and occasionally doing sewing for others, herself and Joy. She enjoys beading with Joy, indulging her sense of humor, and, most importantly, being a follower of Jesus Christ. Eileen is passionate about sharing her love for Jesus with others and can regularly be found encouraging her friends toward a closer walk with Him. She and her family are very generous and often lends a hand to people who are in need.

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