Let Him Rest: A Lesson in Selflessness

Let Him Rest // Young Wives ClubLet him rest. It was a late Sunday afternoon when I felt God impress those words on my heart. My feet were starting to hurt and I just didn’t feel like cooking supper by myself. Besides, we all know it goes faster with help. My husband has been and is always so great about helping me out around the house. I count myself blessed. But this particular afternoon he was off entertaining our son in the other room, watching Youtube videos no less!

Granted, having my son preoccupied is a blessing these days. He’s getting into everything and constantly wants someone’s attention. But nevertheless, I jealously peeked in on them. What was I so jealous about? Resting. I envied my husband’s ability to not have to do anything. So I silently went back to my work.

As I started cutting chicken I whined to God. I wish he would come help me. Would you tell him to? And that’s when God tapped on my shoulder. He reminded me of all the help my dear husband has been recently and all the things he does without my asking or nagging. Then he said three words that challenged me. Let him rest. He revealed to me that I had been thinking selfishly. I was so caught up in my needs, my hurts, and my wants that I had forgotten about my husband’s.

So I resolved something then and there, cutting chicken. I resolved that the coming week I was going to ask help from my husband less, and ask for strength from God more. I decided to put my husband first and focus solely on serving him. If anyone deserves it, it’s my man. After all, everyone needs to fill their cup from time to time. Not that I wrote this post to brag, or compare husbands, but he truly works hard for us. Both at work and at home.

Was it hard? Sometimes, yes. I didn’t tell him about my little conversation with God. (He’ll know about it by now because I always ask him to proofread my posts. Haha!) In those moments I felt like the devil was testing me, which hardened my resolve. But you know, it is a delight to watch him and my son play. To see my husband grinning ear to ear and to hear my son’s constant giggles.

Now, this is the part where I’m truly honest… Don’t imagine that this week has been perfect. There was one evening in particular that I messed up. However because I married such an amazing man, he counted it all joy to help me. I can’t believe our sons have such a fine example of a Godly man to look up to. I’m sorry for the sappiness. My point is, don’t hold yourself to such a high standard that when you fall, you fall hard. Give yourself room for grace.

Letting my husband rest taught me so much. It taught me to be selfless. It reminded me how to be gracious and how to serve with a joyful heart. This taught me (again) to guard my tongue, not letting any griping or complaining out. Frankly, it’s something I continue to work on.

These lessons have been a great reminder to me. And a needed one for me as well. I’m not saying you should never think of yourself or put your husband on a pedestal. I’m saying that every now and then you need perspective. Marriage isn’t fifty-fifty. It’s 100-100. Sometimes that calls for giving your spouse a break and other times that calls for taking time for yourself. We need to support our husbands just as much as they support us. Amen?

Let Him Rest // Young Wives Club
Rosie Lapp

Vice President of Operations

Rosie Lapp is a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to two of the cutest little boys. Seeking authenticity in every day, she strives to live without regrets and be bold; loving God and her family fearlessly. She endeavors to cultivate her love for Christ in all she does, whether she’s tending to household chores, the little ones, or writing away on a blog post or her latest project. It’s her passion to uplift and encourage young women, pointing them back to their Creator. There’s nothing she enjoys more than ministering to her family and others.

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