How to Get Started Bible Journaling

How to Get Started Bible Journaling //
Photo Credit: Jenna Parde of Scribbling Grace

Bible journaling has become a huge trend among Christian women in the last few years. It is basically a way to study the Word and worship God through art in your Bible! Bible journaling can be anything from notes or doodles in the margin of your Bible to full-page paintings. There truly are no rules; it is all about glorifying God in a way that is meaningful to YOU! 

For me, Bible journaling has improved my faith and relationship with the Lord tremendously. Before, I felt like reading the Bible was kind of a chore! It was hard to understand, and I was reading full chapters and not actually comprehending what I just read. Enter Bible journaling, and it became FUN to open my Bible- I actually found myself eager to dig into the Word! I learned that I am a hands-on learner, so using that creative right side of my brain for studying has helped me actually comprehend and remember the scripture; and in turn, grew my faith so much. 

Because the trend is now growing so fast, there are so many products and resources for Bible journaling, that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start! 

So, I am here to go over exactly what you need to take that first step into creating beautiful art in your Bible!

How to Get Started Bible Journaling //
Photo Credit: Jenna Parde of Scribbling Grace

Gather the courage

One of the hardest steps for many wannabe Bible journalers is gathering the courage to start! It’s intimidating to start something new! But I want you to know, YOU CAN DO IT! Remember it is your walk with the Lord, so start in a way that you feel comfortable. 

I also want to encourage you that you do not need to be “artistic” to do Bible journaling! There are lots of ways to Bible journal without any skill, such as stamping, tracing from coloring pages, or using stickers! Remember your page can be as simple or extravagant as you wish! 

If you are on the fence, talk to God about it! Even after years of Bible journaling I still sometimes need to say a prayer for him to help me find the courage to try a new medium, or even to make the time commitment. 

Gather your supplies

Once you decide to take the leap into Bible journaling, you’ll want to gather your supplies. 

Really, all you need to start is a Bible, journal, and a pen or colored pencils that you probably already have around the house. However, if you want to step it up, I highly recommend getting a Journaling Bible. These Bibles have wide margins (or even full blank pages inside the Bible) and thicker pages that make it great for creating art in your Bible. You can find out more about the different Journaling Bible options HERE

As for other supplies, I suggest picking one medium to start with and giving yourself at least 3 months to grow comfortable with that one before moving on. Some most used materials for Bible journaling are colored pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, gelatos, stamps (though you will want to make sure you use pigment ink to prevent bleed-through), and washi tape/ stickers. 

Depending on the medium you use, you will want to look into getting clear gesso. Gesso is an acrylic paint or glue-like substance that you paint onto the Bible page beforehand from preventing your medium from bleeding through or damaging the page. Stamps, inks, and markers tend to bleed-through. If you decided to use colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic, or gelatos, you shouldn’t need to prepare your page unless you want to. To be honest, I hardly ever prepare my page, and have no bleed-through or damage issues; but if you want to make sure, you can always test your material out on a page in the back of your Bible! 

You may also want to pick up some pens to use for notes or lettering. My favorite pens for notes are Micron Pigma Pens. For hand lettering/calligraphy I highly recommend the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen because it is easy to use and versatile. Both of these pens are also waterproof and don’t bleed through an unprepared Bible page! 

I have a full list of tried-and-true Bible journaling supplies on my website HERE.

How to Get Started Bible Journaling //
Photo Credit: Jenna Parde of Scribbling Grace

Gather your inspiration 

I believe the best inspiration comes from within. I love to start by saying a prayer for God to show me what to create. I also love to work on verses that stand out to me as I read the Bible. Using the Word itself for inspiration is great because it keeps you from comparing your work to other peoples and you can just create the way you want! 

Watching a sermon or doing a Bible study can also be great ways to find inspiration on which passages to work on. 

Of course, social media like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook groups are great places to find inspiration as well! I also love to look up normal artwork and find ways to translate that into my Bible.  

Get Bible journaling! 

Now that you have everything you need to begin, and know which passage you want to start at, jump in! I encourage you not to be afraid to make mistakes or ugly pages; because remember, it is just about spending time with God! No matter how your first page, or first 20 pages, turn out, every one of them is beautiful in the eyes of the Lord because you are worshiping him!

If you have more questions about Bible journaling, I have a post on the frequently asked questions I receive HERE

Have fun Bible Journaling! 

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How to Get Started Bible Journaling //

Jenna Parde
Jenna Parde

Jenna is a U.S. Navy spouse and blogger at where she teaches Bible journaling. She also runs an Etsy shop where she sells hand-painted Bibles and Bible journaling printables. She is passionate about sharing God’s word through art; and loves how no matter how artistic you are, God's light will always shine through!

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