Hidden Heroes: A Tribute

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

As we gather together as a nation to celebrate our freedom, we take a few moments to honor the unsung heroes who make that possible. Though we cannot thank them all for their service, we want to recognize a few brave souls for their sacrifice:


Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

PFC Jimmy Kelley, United States Army

Human Resources | Fort Bragg

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.comSenior Airman Owen Hargraves, United States Air Force

241st Engineering Installation Squadron | Chattanooga, TN

5 Years of Service

“As challenging and difficult as military life can be for both the service member and the family, I am nevertheless so grateful for my husband’s service, sacrifice, fortitude, and desire to provide well for his family through being in the Guard. Though this sometimes means times of separation and deployments, which are hard, I know that he has currently chosen this life so as to provide his family with the assortment of benefits which come from being in the United States military – financial provisions, good health insurance, retirement benefits, etc. Though I have struggled at times with the separation side of things and fought against him, thinking that providing for our family has to mean he is with our family at all times, the Lord has shown me that this is His will for our family right now, that Owen is in the military not because he wants to go on deployments and be away on business trips sometimes, but because he feels called to provide for our family’s future in these ways, to serve his country, and to do so in the Guard, which provides him with the ability to be home with us far more than active-duty personnel usually get to be. I’m grateful for my husband’s wisdom, consideration, love, and vision that has gone into making these career decisions, and it’s a joy to publicly thank and honor him for his service both to his family, as well as to his country.” – Rebekah Hargraves, wife

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

Shiloh David Watts, Dalhart Fire Department

Dalhart TX | Served as Lieutenant twice
Voted Rookie of the Year – 2O13 | Ranked #5 out of 31 firefighters

5 Years of Service

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

Deputy Eric Hribek, Arenac County Sherriff’s Department

Deputy Sheriff and K9 Handler | Arenac County, Michigan

Three and A Half Years of Service

“I could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication my husband has shown to his community and our family.” – Emily, wife

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

A1C Brandon Lea, United States Air Force

Two and A Half Years of Service

“Whether it’s two in the morning or three in the afternoon, Brandon is always willing to drop everything and help however he can to serve his country.  I admire this man with every ounce of my being; thank you for all you do!” – Katelyn, wife

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.comChristy Simmons, EMS Captain

15 years of service  | 10 years as an EMT

Johnny Simmons, Chief.

15 years of service.

“Both have dedicated their lives to the fire department and I’m so proud to be their daughter.”

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

Seth Pillow, Assistant Chief

Member of 3 Departments | Firefighter Certification Instructor |  6 Years of Service

“I can’t believe how much his heart allows him to do for our community.” – wife

Hidden Heroes // young-wives.com

Dan Beck, Retired Sherriff and Vietnam Veteran

45+ Years of Law Enforcement Service | Honorably Discharged from the Navy

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