4 Ways to Grow When You Don’t Go To Church

4 Ways to Grow When You Don't Go to Church // young-wives.com

There are a variety of reason why you might not attend church. It may be a season you are currently in or you might find some friction when the topic comes up. Regardless, making a point to grow spiritually at home is vital to the long-term strength of your faith. Here are four ways you can continue to grow on your own.

Find a community to surround yourself with.

4 Ways to Grow When You Don't Go to Church // young-wives.com4 Ways to Grow When You Don't Go to Church // young-wives.com

Despite what popular Christian culture tells us, the original intention for “church” wasn’t to build big buildings and attract people with dozens of kids programs. In fact, church, in its infancy, was a body of believers doing life together. It wasn’t anything revolutionary or flashy, just people who honestly cared about the welfare of the community. The difference between “community” and “church” is that community is day-to-day life, not just Sunday mornings. It provides an opportunity to grow alongside other people, celebrate Christ’s power corporately, and reach out to the lost as a body.

Make personal devotions a priority.

Intentional time in worship, prayer, and the Word needs to be a priority for all believers, regardless of churchgoing status. Daily, we should be opening ourselves up to grow and be molded by the Father. In fact, the majority of our growth shouldn’t take place in church. It should come from our private times of study and contemplation.

Prayer, in particular, is a vital part of your devotional time. Whether you grew up learning to pray or are new to the disciple, it’s so important to make it a regular part of your life. Through prayer, we can be intimate with God. It allows us the opportunity to not only lay our cares at his feet but also listen for his voice in response.

While it may seem dull, you will quickly discover just how powerful prayer is in your life. Unlike any other discipline, prayer moves our hearts alongside God’s hand. Once you begin actively praying, you will see things in your life and around you move. Mountains truly can move if we are willing to humble ourselves in prayer! If you aren’t sure where to start, you can pick up a book on the topic or reach out to your community for advice on where to begin.

Hold family devotions.

If you have children, make a point to regularly do devotions with them. You don’t need any special books or equipment. Bible reading, discussion, prayer time, and singing a few songs are plenty to help your little ones grow in the Lord.

If you husband isn’t opposed, plan to regularly do devotions with him. A short devotional before bedtime is a great place to start. Allow him the opportunity to spiritually lead you through Scripture, prayer, and whatever else he sees fit.

Utilize free resources.

The internet is a blessing for anyone looking to consistently grow from wiser, more seasoned Christians. Here are a few great resources for you to use, but feel free to branch out and discover your own go-to’s:

Proverbs 31 Ministries – Devotions and online Bible studies for women.

She Reads Truth – Bible study guides for women

Desiring God – Articles, videos, audio, and book downloads

One Place – One-stop-shop for thousands of sermons and devotionals

Focus on the Family – Radio broadcast archives and articles

WTTP Radio – Streaming radio

Bible Gateway – Various Bible translations, study guides, commentaries, reading plans, and more

The Gospel Coalition – Articles, sermons, and thoughts from past and present

The Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Articles, podcasts, journals, and more


What are some ways you’ve been able to grow spiritually at home? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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