My New Favorite Way to Write the Word!

My New Favorite Way to Write the Word //

Ladies, I am so excited to be showing off this beautiful Write the Word Journal to you today! I’ve been using it myself over the past few weeks and I love it so much. It’s truly simplified my time with God every day. A total game changer!

If you’re like me, you know you need to spend more time with God and more time in His Word. I’m a stay at home mom who blogs and helps run things here at the Young Wives Club. Life can be really crazy at times! Most mornings, I’m thankful to have around half an hour to myself before my son wakes. In that time, I find it’s just long enough to crack open my journal, read and write the scripture, and pray. Now, sometimes I find myself with either more time or less or none at all. But whatever happens, it’s nice to have this journal with scriptures prepared to fall back on.

Before I rave more about my personal experience with the journal, let me talk to you about it. The binding is nice and sturdy! It can hold its own in a book bag, purse, or diaper bag. The paper inside is also good quality and not too thin. I use gel pens and the colors haven’t bled through.

For each day or entry, you start out by filling in what “today is” whether that’s the date or the weather or the day you get married, you can put down whatever you’d like! And then below that, you write what you’re grateful for today. Ladies, I LOVE this part. Taking a moment to think about my blessings can really put my day into perspective. Then what follows is a passage or verse from the Bible for you to write out however you choose. I like to get creative and artsy, though I’m really not blessed with a lot of talent, hah!

On the following page, there’s a space for you to write out your thoughts. Sometimes I write about the passage I just read, sometimes I write about something pressing on my heart. It’s an outlet for whatever you need. At the bottom of the page there’s a final section titled, “My Word for Today.” I really love this part, too. I typically look over what I’ve just written and choose a word to embody my feelings, or to sum my thoughts in a single word.

I have been using the journal themed to cultivate faith, and I love it! There have been some mornings so far when the passage I read was what I needed to hear. In that way, it’s been a huge blessing. I look forward to journaling each morning!

The beauty of this product is that it will work for you in whatever season you find yourself in. For me, I need things that simplify instead of complicating. I need something to make spending time with God easy or it will fall through the cracks. I’m not proud of that, but with two littles under two, simplicity is valued around my home. This journal is straightforward in use and practical! Even if I have to journal when my sons are awake, they can either entertain themselves or be content for a few moments.

In addition to the Cultivate Faith journal, they have four others themed, Joy, Hope, Renewal, and Gratitude! And they come in such beautiful colors too! So there’s definitely something for you! But don’t just take it from me, you can find others’ reviews of this product here.

Cultivate What Matters was so kind to send me* the Faith Journal, but that’s not all they sent! They also sent a copy of the Cultivate Joy Journal to giveaway! This giveaway is exclusive for our Instagram followers and starts today! So check it out at @realyoungwives on Instagram.

*I received the Cultivate Faith and Joy Write the Word Journals for free in return for an honest review of my opinions, which I have done. Thank you, Lara Casey + Team!
Disclaimer, all pictures are mine, please do not reuse without written permission.
Rosie Lapp

Vice President of Operations

Rosie Lapp is a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to two energetic little boys. Seeking authenticity in every day, she strives to live without regrets and be bold; loving God and her family fearlessly. She endeavors to cultivate her love for Christ in all she does, whether she’s tending to household chores, the little ones, or writing away on a blog post or her latest project. It’s her passion to uplift and encourage young wives through her work at the Young Wives Club. There’s nothing she enjoys more than ministering to her family and others.

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