Win $100 Gift Card & The Father’s Day Gift that Keeps On Giving

The Father's Day Gift that Keeps On Giving & A Giveaway //

This year, Father’s Day is actually a pretty big deal in our house! Why? Our first little one is due to arrive on that very day! So, I want to make sure that whatever I get for my husband on his first ever Father’s Day is really meaningful. Now my husband isn’t really into impractical gifts. He likes things that will actually be useful to him on a regular basis. So, ties, monogrammed items, and cute DIY projects are off the table. But thankfully, I have another idea of what to get him – something he’ll actually appreciate and use!

The Father's Day Gift that Keeps On Giving & A Giveaway //

Just recently, Kerusso launched a brand new line of dry-fit athletic wear. Each of the shirts in the collection features a positive, biblically-based verbiage. Kerusso did not disappoint with these manly garments! And seriously, what man wouldn’t like wearing these sports-inspired messages across his chest?

Win $100 Gift Card & The Father's Day Gift that Keeps On Giving //

The Father's Day Gift that Keeps On Giving & A Giveaway // young-wives.comPersonally, I love the idea of my husband witnessing to the other guys at the gym or on the basketball court simply by wearing one of these shirts. I don’t know if they would spark any spiritually-driven conversations, but at the very minimum, they’d encourage the other guys to embrace their manhood! Plus, I know he’d wear them! The designs are very comparable to any one of the many athletic tees or golf polos already in his drawer!

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Ladies, I’m going to get a little real for a minute. I have another motivation for wanting to buy my hubby athletic gear to celebrate him as a dad: muscles. What woman doesn’t enjoy her man with a more muscular physique? I know I do! And I’m pretty sure that gifting my husband brand-new gear for his workouts will only encourage him to hit the gym a little more frequently. These shirts are good for his health. They’re good for my eyes. Ladies, The Father's Day Gift that Keeps On Giving & A Giveaway // young-wives.comthis is the gift that just keeps on giving!

Here at the Young Wives Club, we’re so excited about these new shirts that we’ve partnered with Kerusso, once again, to bring you another giveaway! All you have to do is enter, using the form below, and you could win one of these great items for your man! We’ll notify you via email if you’ve won a shirt or $100 Kerusso gift card this coming Friday*!

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the Grace and Truth collection before Mother’s Day, you can still do so! Click here to browse this gorgeous, new line created specifically for women.


*Giveaway run from May 22 to June 16 and winners will be notified on Fridays during that time.


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