Is Your Company Harming Your Walk with God?

Is Your Company Harming Your Walk with God? // young-wives.comWe have all heard the age old saying that you are who you are friends with.

I can clearly remember the disagreements that ensued between me and my mother on this exact topic. I was in eighth grade and hung out with the cool kids so that I could be cool. As someone raised with Christian values being instilled in my life, I knew that a lot of the things my peers did was not right. But I wasn’t doing them so it was okay to hang out with them! Right?


Slowly, I would slip up. A profane word would fall from my mouth and I’d feel so convicted. I knew it was wrong, but it just…happened. As time flew by, I felt myself getting more and more comfortable with this way of speaking, to the point where I couldn’t fully articulate myself because I was adapting to this way of using profanity to express what I was feeling. For someone who loved literature and creative writing this felt like the end of the world!

I could now say that I understood what my mother had warned me about. Quickly, I stopped spending time with the cool kids and removed all vulgarity from my vocabulary.

This is just one instance in my life where I found myself slowly conforming to the ways of those I surrounded myself with.

The year later when I started high school I met some friends who I found such happiness in. We were all followers of Jesus Christ and grew up in Christian households. It felt like a matchmade in…well, heaven!

But no, it was not that. I loved these girls with all my heart, and I still do! But, while we claimed to be Christians, we were also close to mean girls. Lunch hour consisted of us sharing all the juicy gossip we learned during our different classes. We would exchange snarky comments and poke fun at our peers who thought they were the best of the best, and then go to church on Sunday’s and think we were such great Christians.

I don’t think I truly realized how my walk with God was impacted until after high school. I moved twelve hours away from all my friends to live with my husband and because of my horrible messaging skills, we fell out of touch.

This was the time of my life where I truly began digging into the Word of God and implementing his love into my everyday life. There were so many habits that I needed to fix within myself that it felt like such an impossible task.

1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.””

What I had done all these years was surround myself with bad company, and whether it felt that way or not, under the eye of God, I was not surrounded with righteous friends.

After soul-searching and a lot of prayer, I finally began to find it easier to implement love in everyday interactions. It became easier not to look around and quickly pass judgements on others, which was something I struggled with for a long time. I felt the Lord entering my heart more as I surrounded myself with Godly men and women, and for the first time in my life I began feeling such a sense of peace wash over me.

Until I spoke to my sister.

Usually, I could simply remove this person from my life who was a stumbling block of sorts, but this was my sister. For years, she had been my absolute best friend and I couldn’t just abandon someone whom I adored.

Whenever we would video chat I would find myself falling into old habits of trading the latest gossip and being snotty to others and even passing judgements on her and her decisions! I was so comfortable with her that it was easy to slip into habits that I’d worked so hard to break.

The way that we converse with one another is such a vital part of being a woman of God. I would have an hour-long conversation with my sister, say things and instantly feel convicted. I felt like the enemy had a strong hold on my heart with this one. No matter how hard I tried, fighting this was deeming to be too hard. But if there is anything that I have learned through this walk is that nothing is too hard for Christ!

To this day I still struggle with this. From me to you, I am not perfect, but I am trying and putting my strength in the Lord to help me become a better woman of God. Slowly, the flames of negatively that flare up when I speak to my sister are being smoldered by my love of Christ. While it is proving to take much longer than most, I have the faith in Jesus to purify my heart.

I encourage you to evaluate your friendships and pray over them. Pray for your friends and over yourself, that you may have a heart of love and reverence for the Lord. Maybe it is time to unfriend a few people, or just strengthen your own walk with Christ, but either way I encourage you to find men and women of God to surround yourself with.

Is Your Company Harming Your Walk with God? //
Khorena Sanders
Khorena Sanders

Director of Group Affairs

After meeting the love of my life in New York City, I made a big move to Maine, where I now reside in a home tucked away in the forest. I am passionate about writing, children, modest fashion, homesteading and fellowship within the church. As women, we were created to be pillars for our husbands, and my goal is to strengthen myself and any woman I speak to so that we can carry out the Lord’s plan with grace and love.

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