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Changing Leaves // young-wives.comIn Every Season

This time of year often evokes ponderings about the seasons. The changing leaves, the cool crisp air. It leaves one with a sense of wonder. It can cause one to reflect on life, how it has seasons of its own.

There’s something about the changing seasons that teaches us lessons about this life and gives us hope for each part of it.

Seasons change.

Changing Leaves //

Summer turns to fall which turns to winter which turns to spring which turns to summer again. On and on the cycle goes.

In our lives there are seasons, like the ones we mark on the calendar. We have fall where the warmth beautifully dies and tucks itself in for the cold winter temperatures. There are times in our lives that the excitement and promise of life begin to cool off, slow down and fade. These are the moments where we notice repetition, where we enjoy the simpler things and slow down.

Soon there is a silence, a blanket of nothingness. I’ve been there, we all have. It seems like there’s nothing new. Nothing alive or growing. It may feel like God is absent, quiet.

But we must have winter to have spring. We must have rest to bloom.

Changing Leaves // young-wives.comOn and On It Goes

Before you know it, life springs into action. Long awaited dreams and plans move forward, all things seem possible. Color, movement, action. It’s like waking up from a long nap and stretching our muscles. We are ready to run and jump, laugh and dance. God speaks words of blossoming truths in our hearts. We feel as if we will take off on wings of delight, joy.

Soon the joy is tested in the heat of the longest trials. Sure, there’s delight, but there’s testing. Blooms begin to dry out and we may feel like the light will never end, never let us cool down and relax. Before we know it, a longing for a slow, simple life creeps into our souls.

And the cycle continues.

Timing and Purpose

There are two points of hope that glimmer in this almost mechanical cycle.

First: every season comes to an end.

Whatever season you’re in, whether one where you are thriving or one where you are aching, it will end. The job will finish. The children will grow. The ministry will change. Some seasons last decades, others only moments. Whether that frightens or encourages you, there is always a change coming.

Which brings us to the next point.

Every season has a reason.

One of my favorite truths that I picked up in a social media post awhile back was that God wastes nothing. That’s like balm on an open wound when you’re struggling through a difficult season. This, my dear friend, is not wasted. The skills you are learning, the lessons you’ve acquired, the wounds you’ve gained, all have a purpose. If you’re waiting and waiting for things to change, imagine the amount of patience you will have by the time it does. If you are busy juggling a thousand balls each day, imagine how wonderful your time management skills will be. Even the deepest wounds can be used by God.

He wastes nothing.

So, as you grab a cup of cider, plan your Thanksgiving meal, look outside. Notice the beautiful changing leaves, dying gracefully. They are a reminder that there is an end to each season. There is a purpose as well.

Allow God to speak to your heart about what is next, but also what is now.

He has a plan. And it is good.

Katie Brown
Katie Brown


My name is Katie Brown. I am married to the most amazing, wonderful and comical husband, James. We have two of the cutest and naughtiest puppies, Olive and Tate. I love God, writing, any kind of Asian food and watching Downton Abbey. Sometimes I claim to be a runner. Succulents are my favorite plants and chocolate is a daily necessity. I love Hillsong music of any kind, I adore Lysa TerKeurst as an author, and I could (and have) watch Boy Meets World every day. I also love Fixer Upper (who doesn't love Chip and Joanna?). I am a book nerd at heart.

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