Erin Winzer
Erin Winzer


Erin Winzer? Who is that you may ask? Erin (21 years old) married to Levi Winzer (21 years old) since August 2014, is a stay at home Army Wife and “mom” to their two beautiful kittens. Stationed 30 minutes from Venice, Italy, she enjoys traveling with her husband and/or friends immersing themselves into the vast European cultures. She loves do-it-yourself projects, landscape and architectural photography, baking, and pretty much lives and breathes anything art. She strives to be the best wife she can be and hopes that God shines through her actions and words.

Toxic Friendships // Young Wives Club

Toxic Friendships

Toxic Friendships Friendships can be special and are very important to us. It’s a connection…

artistic Word //

artistic Word

A little over a year ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to…

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