Life Lessons on Forgiveness //

Life Lessons on Forgiveness

So, someone has really hurt you and you can’t forgive them! How can you possibly forgive what they did to you? Yet you know God wants you to forgive. People have hurt…

When You're Not Really A New Creation //

When You’re Not Really A New Creation

I am a new creation. I am a new creation. Until recently, I hadn’t ever stopped to contemplate those words. I just accepted them as a given. I am a new creation. The Bible says…

You’re a Wife, But You’re Still A Girlfriend //

You’re a Wife, But You’re Still A Girlfriend

When I first sensed my now-husband was paying me extra…

Miscarriage Isn't the Hardest Thing I've Ever Been Through //

Miscarriage Isn’t the Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Been Through

I remember staring those two, blue lines in shock. We…

How to CHOOSE Joy when you feel Joy-less //

How to CHOOSE Joy When You Feel Joy-less

I’m Sorry, I don’t Enjoy “Every Minute” of Motherhood If…

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