To The Woman Who Can't Say "No"//

To The Woman Who Can’t Say “No”

So, you struggle with the word, “No.” Funny, how that’s the first word most kids learn to shout loud-and-proud. Now it feels like a foreign language. Something no one will understand. And…



Birthday Twins The other day at church there was a family visiting. They had twin girls with beautiful blonde hair and lots of stories to tell. Their mom told us that it…

When Love Isn't Enough //

When Love Isn’t Enough

Have you ever wondered why the first year of marriage is often so hard? We arrive at the altar in a state of bliss. Our handsome prince is waiting there to pledge…

Love Language Series // Young Wives Club

The Five Love Languages Link-Up

You may remember that in June we featured each love language here on our site. To make all the articles easier to find and refer to, we decided to link up the…

How to Find Peace in the Storm //

How to Find Peace in the Storm

Not long ago, my husband was reading an article on the most stressful situations people encounter. Of the ten on the list, we had been through over half of them in the…


Let Your Husband Fail

In my short 4 years of marriage, I quickly came to a sharp conclusion that my husband is not perfect. More recently I came to an even better conclusion that is completely…

The Truth About In-Laws //

The Truth About In-Laws

Perhaps you’ve heard of the idea, “When you marry a…

The Gift of Vulnerability //

The Gift of Vulnerability

“I’m fine”, she says as she glances downward. Her body…

Mentoring: Why We Should Walk Together //

Mentoring: Why We Should Walk Together

Ever had a conversation with someone who just seemed to…

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