Marriage Isn't A Dollhouse //

Marriage Isn’t A Dollhouse

It’s pretty amazing the life lessons you can learn from children. Especially three-year-olds and I know I’m not alone in this. One of my favorite country singers admits to learning quite a…

Husband Shaming //

Husband Shaming (Video)

I am really excited to share this with you. I’m kind of speaking to myself a little bit here, too. This is something I have been convicted of and am working on. Check it…

The Pregnant Woman Theory // #marriage

The Pregnant Woman Theory

When I went through Driver’s Ed, it was part of a last-ditch effort to leave behind a life and state that had imparted very bad memories on my family. I had just turned 16…

I Said I'd Never Had A Wallet Full of Plastic // #marriage

I Said I’d Never Have a Wallet Full of Plastic

I remember coming to a conclusion at some point in high school that I would never have a wallet full of plastic. Growing up, I had the unique opportunity to watch two different generations…

Welcome! (+ a Giveaway!) //

Welcome! (+ a Giveaway!)

Hey, Ladies! Welcome to our brand-new site! We were so blown away by the response to our exclusive Facebook group that we decided to launch a site. Our mission is that young wives or…

Where Is God When Our Plans Go Awry?

Where Is God When Our Plans Go Awry?

How is your happily-ever-after going? Did they have the Pinterest…

Let Him Rest // Young Wives Club

Let Him Rest: A Lesson in Selflessness

Let him rest. It was a late Sunday afternoon when…

To the Woman Afraid of Being a Mom // Young Wives Club

To the Woman Afraid of Being a Mom

To the woman out there pregnant and afraid of being…

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